We roast coffee. Craft of coffee roasting is what we know best. We demand the same levels of commitment to know-how from all of the people we work with. The result of this mutual understanding is a full-flavoured, balanced, and easily recognizable taste of our coffees.

Coffee is a ritual, a small treat in the morning, "fuel", a break, chat, affair that makes up our lives. Making the coffee better, we make our lives better. With this concept in mind, our blends were developed by the leading professionals in the coffee industry. Thus we spent two years travelling around the world, visiting leading roasting facilities, expanding our understandings and absorbing new knowledge about coffee itself & craft of roasting from coffee gurus and type of people who roast coffee for academy awards - Oscars. We brought together the profound knowledge and experience under "one roof" and created coffee, which we enjoy every day.

Passion for coffee

We love coffee. Coffee bean is fascinating. There is nothing that simple and yet that difficult at the same time. Coffee is a multicultural phenomenon, a language understandable by most people on earth. Coffee is a good with a very complex character, multi-faceted, unpredictable. Coffee opens up only to those who devote to it a lot of time and energy, those who ponder over it and admire it. We want to spread the knowledge about coffee, as far as possible, to let everyone know how wonderful this drink can be.

Quality without compromise

We are not looking for compromises when it comes to quality. Ourselves, we source and select our coffees from plantations and farmers who we fully trust. Highly recognized professionals are involved with our green coffees. Roasting Facility, starting with the green coffee warehouse and ending with the packaging line, has been designed and built around the coffee bean's difficult and uncompromising character.

Progressive education

Strive for learning new things creates a forward movement, a self-improvement. Beautify of coffee is that it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for all of those who engage with this product. Our daily work with green and roasted coffee provides us with experience and encourages us to constantly search and gather more knowledge from coffee growers, baristas and other roasters. All theĀ  knowledge we accumulate we invest in our coffees!

Technological modernism

We took the product and built an ideal production around it. Selection and customization of equipment, creativity behind new technological solutions, were a consequence of great demands set by high quality standards of green and roasted coffee beans. This process can be compared to a classical music play in a great concert venue. The composer wrote the magnificent symphony, and it needs the right execution - right musical instruments, talented musicians and conductor's exceptional sense of hearing.